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A Guide to Volunteering with Leeway

21 September 2017

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Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services is a specialist domestic abuse charity and currently supports over 20,000 adults, children and young people every year throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. It is our primary aim to offer advice, support and information to anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic abuse. Volunteers are an important and valued part of Leeway, and below we outline what you can expect when you apply to become a Leeway volunteer.

I'm interested in volunteering for Leeway, what sort of roles can I help with?

We have numerous opportunities available in different areas of the charity. This could include volunteering in the safe houses, administration, assisting with workshops for adults and children, marketing or helping with our social media. It depends on what we currently have available at our locations across Norfolk and Suffolk.

I have previous experience of domestic abuse, can I apply?

We very much welcome applications from people with their own experience of domestic abuse and acknowledge that they can bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to our organisation. You are unable to volunteer with Leeway if you have had contact with the police regarding domestic abuse or have been supported by a specialist domestic abuse organisation within the last two years. If you need support, contact us on 0300 561 0077 or find out how we can help.

Can I apply to volunteer with Leeway if I am under the age of 18?

Unfortunately, we can only accept volunteers over the age of 18 years.

I'd like to volunteer with Leeway, how do I apply?

Download a copy of our Volunteer Application Form.

I've submitted my application, what happens next?

Once you have submitted your Volunteer Application Form, we will be in touch, usually by email. We aim to make contact with you within one week of receiving your application.

We will have an informal interview and collect your references.

You will then complete a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application - the level of which will depend on your role and will be of no cost to you.

If your application is to proceed, we will book volunteer training sessions and discuss the role that you would like to do.

You will meet the team leader who will oversee your volunteering role and explain the details. They will arrange your start date.

What we offer you as a volunteer:

  • An introduction to the charity and your team/project/role
  • Training and information on your role and the charity.
  • Support, feedback, appreciation, and encouragement
  • Free tea and coffee when you are volunteering.
  • Cover the cost of your travel expenses up to a stated maximum per session.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • A safe volunteering environment including insurance cover whilst you are volunteering.
  • Equal opportunities and fairness
  • Protect your personal information, holding it confidentially.
  • After a three-month trial period with you volunteering regularly, we can supply a reference.

What we ask from you as a volunteer:

  • To attend appropriate training offered.
  • To maintain confidentiality of all our premises addresses
  • To maintain the confidentiality of our staff, service users and volunteers
  • To be punctual and reliable and inform us if you are going to be late or unable to attend.
  • Always treat others with respect and dignity.
  • To carry out your volunteering role as agreed
  • To be open with communication and give and receive appropriate feedback.
  • To allow any photographs/filming of you have taken during volunteering to be used publicly (let us know if you do not agree to this).
  • To report any accidents or health and safety concerns promptly.
  • To agree that any material produced while volunteering is owned by Leeway.
  • Report any safeguarding concerns you may witness or have to your team coordinator/senior/officer.
  • To get pre-authorisation for any expenditure on behalf of Leeway.
  • To follow Leeway Policies and Procedures.

My question wasn't answered on this page, is there someone I can speak to?

If you have a question or would like more information about any aspect of volunteering with Leeway, please feel free to email us at