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Domestic abuse awareness training for businesses

Raising awareness of domestic abuse for businesses

Domestic abuse affects around 10% of the workforce, costs the UK economy £1.9 billion every year and we know that 75% of people experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work. The experience of domestic abuse can easily be misinterpreted by employers and there is a real need for businesses to be more aware of this often hidden workplace issue. People experiencing domestic abuse are likely to be disciplined or even lose their jobs as a result of higher levels of absence from work, poor time keeping or reduced productivity.

Employers have a duty of care and are responsible for the physical and emotional health and safety of employees. Leeway’s cost effective training will support your organisation to meet these responsibilities and to provide effective support to employees who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse awareness training

Our experienced trainers deliver high quality domestic abuse awareness training to health professionals, public sector employees and businesses of any size. Delegates can expect to develop their understanding of the impact and effects of domestic abuse. Our trainers will equip you with the knowledge to identify the signs of domestic abuse, give you the confidence to correctly deal with people who are encountering abuse and refer them to relevant support agencies. This session lasts approximately three hours.

Bespoke Training

Our training sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Delivered to your staff in-house at a time to suit you, they can range from one hour information and awareness sessions, to a bespoke programme covering issues such as domestic abuse awareness, DASH risk assessment training, and stalking and harassment in the workplace. Sessions can either be charged at a fixed price per hour regardless of the number of delegates, or at a fixed price per delegate regardless of the length of the session. A 20% reduction is available for charitable organisations.

Training Dates

Session times 10:00am to 14:30pm

The application of DASH training

DASH 2009-16 is the Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Harassment and Honour Based Violence Risk Identification, Assessment and Management tool developed by Laura Richards in 2009. Our DASH training is provided by accredited DASH trainers and is designed for professionals who come into contact with domestic abuse on a regular basis. DASH 2009-16 includes detailed guidance on the use of the DASH risk identification and assessment checklist. Using DASH provides professionals with a process to support them to make defensible and auditable decisions regarding domestic abuse they encounter in their professional role. It equips delegates with the skills required to identify, assess and manage risks associated with domestic abuse. The session also supports delegates to communicate effectively with other agencies and to refer with confidence to the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

Training Dates

Session times 10:00am to 15:00pm

For more information or to speak to someone in our training department please contact us on 0300 561 0077 or email