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Leeway - domestic abuse support

Experienced staff supporting people who are experiencing domestic abuse

Our case workers provide community services to any adult or child experiencing abuse.

The emotional and practical advice Leeway offers enables people to get the support and protection they need. We work in a non-judgemental way with people to empower them to make independent decisions about their life and their future.

The services we provide

We provide a range of support services for different groups of people who may encounter or be affected by domestic abuse.

Suffolk (IDVA) Service

People using our services who have been assessed as being at high risk of serious harm will be given an advocacy worker by our Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy (IDVA) team. This person acts as a single point of contact and they coordinate a multi-agency response to assess the safety and security of both the person and their family and coordinate a safety plan to keep them safe and provide updates as the case progresses through the courts. They also offer support and work with other organisations and agencies who may be involved (such as housing and health).

Central Services

Our Central Services team manage the day-to-day running of the organisation, including Administration, Business, and Finance. This also includes our Fundraising team, who hold events, campaigns, and collect donations throughout the year to raise money for our services and awareness of our work, our Volunteer Officer, who recruits and manages volunteers that kindly support our team, and our Media and Public Relations Officer, who is responsible for our media coverage and promoting our work through events, campaigns, and social media.


Leeway is involved in the delivery of NIDAS (Norfolk Integrated Domestic Abuse Service), a domestic abuse service offering a range of one to one and group work to support those assessed at high or medium risk of serious harm, in Norfolk. The service offers free, confidential, and non-judgemental support for adults (16+) of all genders, and their children, to help them recover and build a new life free from abuse. For more information on NIDAS, visit the website

Children & Young People Service

Domestic abuse can affect children and young people in a number of ways. The most common effects include anxiety, withdrawal, depression and aggressive behaviour. Through one-to-one support and group work, our Children and Young People service helps them to come to terms with their experiences and develop the skills needed to communicate effectively and build positive relationships.

A Child's Perspective of Domestic Abuse

Helpline - 0300 561 0077

Our domestic abuse helpline is staffed by skilled workers ready to offer free, confidential and non-judgemental advice. Where appropriate they can also make referrals to other Leeway services and external agencies.

Safe Houses

We operate nine safe houses (refuges) in various locations across Norfolk and where possible we will work to find overnight accommodation for you the same day. Women and their children are welcome to stay as long as is necessary to plan their future away from danger and key workers will provide support with issues such as housing, benefits, health, safety planning, accessing other agencies and moving on.

Training & Consultancy

To raise awareness and improve people’s understanding of domestic abuse, we offer training and consultancy services. With both fixed and bespoke sessions available, we can provide training which meets the specific needs of your organisation.

“Thank you for this invaluable service. My outreach worker was kind, compassionate and professional at all times. She has been an inspiration and positive influence and has enabled me to move forward with more confidence.”

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