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The Best of Women – Lighting the Flame

06 AprNina Nannar one of our Patrons.

Written by a volunteer from the Leeway Marketing Team

Today, looking back at recently celebrated International Women’s Day on Thursday 11th March and Mother’s Day on Sunday 14th March, I would like to talk about women in our lives that we can call role models. There are so many fantastic, clever, competent and skilled women in the UK and all over the world who are undervalued and often times unrecognised.

A few weeks ago, I attended some mental health training. We were asked about our role models and I couldn’t think of anyone in particular. I felt that there was no suitable person who I could name as someone I look up to or relate to. However, at that training, I met an RSPCA practical animal care volunteer who didn’t see herself as a role model. But I told her: that just her giving up her free time to assist with the day-to-day care for animals is so important and that many people should follow in her steps. Interactions with women from all sorts of different backgrounds made me realise that role models don’t have to be famous and they certainly do not have to be perfect. The best role models are regular people, who stay true to their selves every day and stand up for what they believe in.

Since joining Leeway, I have been surrounded by amazing women – all of whom have become role models for me in one way or another. All of the wonderful and skilled women working for Leeway deserve to become role models for people in Norfolk and beyond. They dedicate their lives to making sure that everyone experiencing domestic abuse can get the help and support they need. It’s vital for so many people to have this support and to know that there’s always a place to call, none of which would exist without the continuous work of our fantastic members of staff.

Leeway Patrons Georgina Holloway (left) and Chrissie Jackson (right).

Leeway Patrons Georgina Holloway (left) and Chrissie Jackson (right).

Other women I am proud now to call my role models are Leeway Patrons Chrissie Jackson and Georgina Holloway but in particular Nina Nannar. She is a well-respected journalist for ITV News and specialises in arts and entertainment news. Nina lives in Norfolk now and has previously worked on Midlands Today, Children in Need and BBC News. It is wonderful that we have such amazing women supporting the charity and the services Leeway provide.

On Thursday 8th March Leeway attended HER Business Body and Life Brew Conference and on 11th March, Norfolk Women’s Institute organised ‘Lighting the Flame’ event. This event, held at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, served as a perfect opportunity to celebrate International Women’ s Day as well as Mother’s Day at the same place and time. It’s important to honour girls and the mothers as, in the words of Norwich-based storyteller Patience Unazi, “Girls who see the flame lit by their mothers will one day light the fire for their own children”.

I’d like us all to take a moment and celebrate our role models. So why not let the amazing women in your life know that you admire them and look up to them? As women we are sometimes too modest and don’t take compliments very well so this would be good practice!

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