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Duchess of Cornwall Highlights Hidden Domestic Abuse

05 July 2022

Duchess of Cornwall clutches parasol

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been a regular supporter of domestic abuse organisations, raising awareness of their work and highlighting the different forms that domestic abuse can take. In a recent interview with Vogue, ahead of her upcoming 75th birthday, she took the opportunity to highlight the “taboo” issue of domestic abuse and praise the inspirational women she has encountered whilst raising awareness.

“A Terrible Secret”

In her interview, the Duchess of Cornwall spoke of how domestic abuse was often “...a terrible secret…” for those that experience it, adding: “I think we all know somebody who it’s happened to. There’s been such a taboo. People can still love the people that abuse them and feel such guilt and such shame that they think it’s their fault, so they bury it.

The Duchess of Cornwall also confirmed that she would continue to support domestic abuse organisations and raise awareness of their work even when she ascends to the role of Queen Consort.

Over the past few years, Camilla has used media engagements to talk about the issue of domestic abuse, and has even visited a refuge in the UK to see the excellent work first-hand.

Speaking Out

It is fantastic that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is using her platform to raise awareness of an important issue and helping to break down the barriers that see many people reluctant to speak out about their experiences with domestic abuse.

In recent years, we have seen many celebrities speaking out about domestic abuse and the impact it has had on them – most notably Spice Girl Mel B, who recently received an MBE for her services to domestic abuse victims. Having high profile figures speaking out about domestic abuse, and openly discussing their personal experiences, is really important and helps to encourage others to come forward for support.

It can help those experiencing domestic abuse realise that they are not alone and that anyone can experience domestic abuse, even if they are a high-profile celebrity.

We need those with a large following and greater platform to continue to speak out about important issues such as domestic abuse, continuing to normalise discussion around the issue.

If you have been affected by an experience of domestic abuse, you can reach out to us for support by calling 0300 561 0077. If you don’t feel safe to speak, you can still access support by using our LiveChat service or emailing