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Domestic Abuse Must Be Taken Seriously

15 March 2022

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There have been a couple of high-profile domestic abuse cases in the media lately that have reiterated that it can be experienced and perpetrated by anyone, regardless of background.

High-profile rapper Dizzee Rascal was found guilty of assaulting his ex-partner, in court this week, whilst footballer Mason Greenwood has also been in the headlines this year following allegations of domestic abuse that have been made against him.

The reaction to these cases has highlighted the need to take domestic abuse seriously and not excuse the actions and behaviours of celebrities because of who they are.

No Special Treatment

Cassandra Jones, the ex-partner of rapper Dizzee Rascal, reacted to the verdict of the trial saying, “Wealth and status cannot be used to silence women.”

We know that celebrities can experience domestic abuse, but they can also be perpetrators. It is important that they are treated like anyone else in this instance and not given special treatment or have their behaviour excused because of their celebrity status.

Celebrities often have a huge following and fans that will be extremely loyal to them, but their actions must be condemned and not defended in these situations.

A lot of fans have condemned the behaviour of Dizzee Rascal, but some have used social media to make cheap jokes relating to the rapper’s song “Bonkers.”

Whilst the reaction to the allegations against Mason Greenwood has largely been supportive of his ex-partner for bravely coming forward, there have been pockets of fans defending his actions and calling on his club, Manchester United, to select him for upcoming matches. The club has suspended Greenwood and he has also been dropped from a Nike sponsorship deal.

Survivors Must Be Believed

We know that it can take as many as 35 separate incidences of abuse before someone comes forward for support, with many fearing that they won’t be believed.

By turning domestic abuse into a joke or downplaying the behaviour of perpetrators it can make those experiencing it think twice about coming forward for support.

We all have a role to play in creating a society that takes domestic abuse seriously and does all it can to support those experiencing it.

If you have been affected by an experience of domestic abuse, you can reach out to us for support by calling 0300 561 0077. If you don’t feel safe to speak, you can still access support by emailing

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