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Celebrating the Contribution of Our Volunteers

06 June 2023

Hands up volunteers

The start of June marks National Volunteers’ Week – a celebration of the many people across the country that kindly give their time to support good causes.

It also provides an opportunity to highlight the impact that volunteers have and the invaluable contributions that they have made over the past year. Like many charities, Leeway’s work is supported by an amazing team of volunteers, and we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the support that they provide.

Leeway’s Volunteers

Our volunteers support our work in a range of ways, whether that is helping with our fundraising events and campaigns, sorting donations, assisting our admin team, volunteering in one of our refuges, or much more.

For instance, our fundraising volunteers help to ensure our events and campaigns run smoothly, whilst also raising awareness of the work that Leeway does across the county. We have also had volunteers delivering activities in refuge for the people we support, providing an opportunity for our service users to socialise with others, do something fun, and learn new skills.

These are just a couple of examples of the support that Leeway’s volunteers provide and is only a small insight into the hard work that they put in behind the scenes. The role our volunteers play is crucial and supports our staff, ensuring that we are providing the best possible support for those experiencing domestic abuse.

We are hugely grateful to all the hard work of our volunteers and the time they kindly give to support the charity – their support is highly appreciated!

Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer. It could be that they want to use their free time to help a good cause, put their skills to use to help other people, or get new skills whilst volunteering.

Some people that volunteer for charities have a connection to the cause they help – it could be that they have personal experience or know a family member or friend that has been supported.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience and can make you feel like you are making a difference to your local community or directly supporting other people.

Recently published statistics estimate that around 9.2 million people volunteered at least once a month in 2020/21, with a further 7 million volunteering on a more infrequent basis.

These are impressive figures, showing how popular volunteering is across the country and reiterates the invaluable contributions that volunteers provide to organisations.