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TV Soap Operas Raising Awareness of Coercive Control

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Our Chief Executive, Mandy Proctor, used her recent EDP column to highlight the excellent work done by two leading soap operas to raise awareness of domestic abuse and coercive control. EastEnders and Coronation Street have both explored these storylines, providing an insight into what it is like to be in an abusive relationship. It has been encouraging to see the soaps tackle this storyline and we are interested to see how the theme continues to develop in the coming months. 

Positive Reaction

The reaction to the storylines by domestic abuse organisations has been positive, with praise for the accurate portrayal of an abusive relationship and for addressing a sensitive subject.

General responses on social media have also been positive, highlighting the soaps for taking on the storylines.    

  • “It makes an uncomfortable watch, but glad EastEnders are highlighting domestic abuse and it's stages.”
  • “I’m glad that EastEnders is dealing with such important issues. Hopefully anybody who watches this, will know they are not alone and will tell somebody.”
  • “It is so hard to watch but well done to Coronation Street for highlighting coercive control and how domestic abuse isn’t always physical.” 
  • “This storyline has been so uncomfortable to watch, and then I consider what it must be like to be living it and it can’t even compare. Well done Corrie for highlighting the reality of domestic abuse. #Corrie #CoronationStreet”

Raising Awareness 

Soaps are a fantastic way to raise awareness as the characters are relatable to viewers and the programmes are often watched by millions of people every day. Viewers are helped to understand what an abusive relationship looks like and to see the impact that this has on victims. 

Domestic abuse is often a topic that people do not feel comfortable speaking about, so to highlight the issue and encourage conversation is hugely beneficial. There will be many people watching that will recognise a family member or friend in a similar relationship, or possibly even their own relationship. They may then access support as a result of the storylines.

If you are in Norfolk or Suffolk and you have any concerns about the issues raised in the domestic abuse storylines on EastEnders and Coronation Street, staff at Leeway are available to help 24 hours a day via our advice and support line. Call us anytime on 0300 561 0077. 

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