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The Important Partnership between the Corporate and Charity Sectors

16 MarLeeway and Staff Call press photo

The charity sector is comprised of not-for-profit organisations that provide philanthropic services. The corporate sector specialises in making money. The two can form a happy partnership when the corporate world brings in its moneymaking skills to assist with charitable fundraising. This week, Norwich recruitment agency Staff Call announced that Leeway would be their charity of the year. They’ll be fundraising for us with events planned throughout 2017.

Staff Call Recruitment Specialists

Staff Call specialise in recruiting employees for the commercial, industrial, driving and public sectors. Their office on castle meadow is a hive of activity with potential recruits clutching the latest updates of their CVs in and out all day. Every year, Staff Call choose a charity to support. This year they have chosen us.

Staff Call Operations Manager Natalie Money said:

“I am very excited about Staff Call’s new partnership with Leeway. As a recruitment agency, we meet so many different people in so many walks of life. We hope that our wide audience will enable us to help create more awareness surrounding domestic violence. No one should suffer in silence and abuse comes in so many forms. We have some exciting fundraising plans in the pipeline and look forward to sharing these with everyone soon.”

Vital Work 

The vital support work we undertake would not be possible without the volunteers and fundraisers who in turn support us. The money to run our services comes from the generosity of individuals, businesses and public organisations. We’d like to thank all the generous people like the staff at Staff Call for volunteering their time.

In a statement to the Eastern Daily Press, our CEO Mandy Proctor said:

“I want to thank Staff Call for choosing us as their charity of the year. It is fantastic that they are committed to helping people suffering from domestic abuse. The money that they raise will enable us to continue to provide a high-quality service to those experiencing domestic abuse and help Leeway to continue to raise awareness of domestic abuse issues for victims and survivors within the local community.”

Raising Awareness

In addition to raising funds for us, businesses can play a large role in raising awareness of domestic abuse. We hosted a business breakfast this week that introduced the subject and reminded employers of their responsibilities to their staff. 

We recommend that two staff members in every business are appropriately trained so that they can offer the necessary support to colleagues who experience domestic abuse. Our hairdresser project has seen us train hairdressers and beauticians, so that they are in a position to offer clients who have experienced abuse support and possibly a safe space to talk.

We are always looking for more businesses that would like to help us out. Our referrals have increased by 30% this year. In order to continue keeping people safe and getting them the help they need, we urgently need more resources. If you are a business owner and you are interested in training your staff to recognise the signs of domestic abuse or raising funds to help us continue our work, please get in touch. Our donations page has more information on ways that you can get involved.

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