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The Importance of Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

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The BBC News website recently published a feature with a survivor of domestic abuse, highlighting her experiences of financial abuse and the difficulties she faced in moving on to a life free from abuse. The article offers an insight into how difficult survivors can find it to escape abusive relationships, and shows the importance of domestic abuse awareness training for staff in organisations such as banks and building societies.

Claire’s Story

Throughout her relationship, Claire (the authors of the article protected the identity of the individual by using this pseudonym) had experienced physical abuse, coercive control and financial abuse by her partner. She decided to leave after a bad assault but found it hard to truly move on.

Her partner had taken all forms of ID from her, meaning that she had no way of proving who she was to a bank in order to access money from a joint-account. When she did finally get access, the bank sent a letter to Claire and her ex-partner but disclosed the address of the refuge where she was, forcing her to move again as her safety had been compromised. 

Read Claire’s story in the full article on the BBC website.

Bank Response

The actions of the bank put a survivor in danger, which could have been averted with up-to-date domestic abuse awareness training and employee best practice policies in place. By receiving training, the organisation would have understood the risks posed by revealing the location of a survivor of domestic abuse, and could have enabled Claire to access her bank account sooner. 

Many banks have signed up to a Code of Practice introduced last autumn. This is a positive step, which could be enhanced with further training to give staff a full understanding of domestic abuse and enable them to see potential scenarios from a victim’s perspective.  

Leeway Training

We train a variety of businesses, organisations and health professionals to spot the signs of domestic abuse and helping them to confidently signpost people to support services. Leeway’s training covers a range of topics, including financial abuse, and can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses or organisations. 

You can find out more information about the courses we offer individuals and organisations by visiting our training page or by contacting us on admin@leewaynwa.org.uk or 0300 561 0077.

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