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How to Make Physical or Financial Donations to Leeway

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Throughout the pandemic, we have been so grateful for the support that we have received from our supporters, providing physical and financial donations to support Leeway and our service users during this challenging time. 

Your donations help us to make a huge difference and we wanted to let supporters know how they can continue to support Leeway, and take the opportunity to detail some of the specific items we are currently accepting. 

How Your Donations Help Us

Many of our service users in refuge will often arrive with little more personal belongings than the clothing that they are currently wearing. 

Donations of basic toiletries, food items and other items enable us to put together a starter pack for those coming into refuge. This helps them to settle in at refuge and eases some of the additional stresses that they do not need. 

These donations enable us to provide the essentials to service users when shops may not be open, or foodbanks may not be accessible. These may seem like small, everyday items that we take for granted, but they are hugely appreciated by our service users!  

How to Donate

We are currently maintaining the system that we have had in place during the pandemic for dropping off donations. This is to limit the number of people that are visiting our office at any one time, keeping you and our staff as safe as possible. 

Anyone that wishes to drop items off must book a time slot with our Donations Officer this can be done by emailing donations@leewaynwa.org.uk 

Please check with the Donations Officer that we are accepting the items that you are intending to drop off, as there are some items we are currently unable to take. 

We are currently accepting:

  • toiletries (new only)
  • toys & games (new/as new)
  • books (new/as new) 
  • unopened, in date, food items
items gifted to Leeway

Monetary Donations

We have also received generous monetary donations from supporters raising money for Leeway during the pandemic, including some from people that have created their own fundraising challenges! 

The money that we receive from your donations and also Leeway’s fundraising activities help us to enhance and sustain the services that we provide. 

Here is a breakdown of how your donations will help to support the work that we do: 

  • £10 – Will provide an activity pack and a toy for a child coming in to one of our refuges
  • £20 – Will provide an essential starter pack for families in refuge, such as essential food and toiletries
  • £100 – Will enable us to operate our telephone advice and support helpline for 2 hours providing vital support

To find out more about fundraising and how you can donate to Leeway, download the fundraising pack on our Fundraising Page. 

We are extremely grateful for all the support that we receive and would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the past 18 months. 

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