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#FirstFiver: Will You Donate Yours To Leeway?

14 OctNew five pound note

Have you got your hands on one yet? We are of course referring to the newly redesigned five pound banknote. The note, which was released into circulation at the end of September, features the image of Winston Churchill and is the first polymer note to be used in the United Kingdom. The launch of the new notes has led people across the country to donate their first new five pound note to charity – many of which have come from the #FirstFiver campaign.

The campaign gained momentum after Corporate Fundraising Consultant, John Thompson, posted a tweet pledging his first new fiver to a good cause and asked his followers to do likewise. In an interview with the BBC, John explained:

“People were being really negative about the new design, and I just thought charities would be more than happy to have them – that’s where the idea came from. There is a novelty factor attached to the new fiver. I’ve heard of people donating them to all sorts of causes, from a guinea pig rescue centre in the Channel Islands, to mental health charities.”

Help Leeway to Make a Difference

You may not think that £5 can make a significant difference, but it takes just two people to donate for us start making a difference. Here is what your first fiver could help us to achieve:

  • £10: Allows us to provide an activity pack and a toy for a child living in one of our refuges.
  • £15: Allows us to create a starter park for someone moving into our refuge, including toiletries and towels.
  • £20: Allows us to provide someone we support with a mobile phone which can be locked to an emergency number.
  • £50: Allows us to provide two hours of phone line crisis support and advice.
  • £100: Allows us to provide outreach support to 10 people.

Been Inspired To Fundraise For Leeway?

If having read this blog you feel inspired to donate your first fiver or go further and fundraise for Leeway, why not download our FREE fundraising pack. It is full of fundraising ideas, tips on how to promote your event, details about payment options and Gift Aid, and all the posters and sponsorship forms you need to get started. 

No matter how big or small your event, we appreciate your support!

If you have any questions about fundraising for Leeway, please do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with us. You can call us on 0300 5610077 or send us an email to

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