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Charity Ghost Walk: Are you ready for things to get spooky?

28 Sep

Do you believe in ghosts? Well Norwich might not be the first location that jumps to mind when you think of haunted locations, but the city is actually famous for its paranormal behaviour. Through the centuries, fire, illness and battle have taken the lives on many local residents and there ghosts are believed to have been seen walking the city’s street.

A few famous examples include:

  • Lord Sheffield: Nicknamed ‘Sam’, the main ghost that haunts The Adam and Eve pub is believed to be that of Lord Sheffield. Struck with a cleaver by Kett’s men during the famous rebellion, his body was taken to the pub and he later died. Since then, plenty of paranormal behaviour has been reported in the pub – including hot and cold spots, tankards on hooks swaying on their own, tapping on people’s shoulders and the pubs bell ringing of its own accord. 
  • Father Ignatius: Founder of the monastery on Elm Hill during the 19th century, he is famous for cursing anyone who opposed him with eternal damnation. In was so disliked that local residents tried to make him leave the city. Since his death a ghostly figure holding a bible has been seen walking along Elm Hill, along with unexplainable footsteps and strange noises.
  • Lollards Pit Prisoners: The Lollards Pit pub, located on Riverside Road, was built in the mid-17th century – but was previously the site used for the execution of heretics and other offenders. The pit, which is now the pub’s cellar, was used as a holding cell for the prisoners who would later be burnt at the stake. On many occasions screams have been heard in the pub and are believed to be those of the prisoners. Witches have also been seen in the local area.
Leeway Charity Ghost Walk

Charity Ghost Walk

If you would like to find out more about the paranormal mysteries in the city, we invite you to join us on our charity ghost walk on 2nd October 2015. Your guide for the evening will be The Man in Black – renowned for his highly acclaimed tours of the city. With an amazing knowledge of Victorian England the characters of the time, he is the perfect guide for the evening.

He is however a strange character, quietly arriving at the beginning of each tour and disappearing almost as soon as it finishes. No one knows much about him, but you are guaranteed an evening of scares and horror! 

Feeling brave? Grab your tickets for a night of ghostly goings-on here. You can also find more information on our Facebook event or by contacting us at fundraising@leewaynwa.org.uk or 0300 561 0077.  

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