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Bright Sky: A Digital Tool for Logging Domestic Abuse

01 JunBright Sky App

The Bright Sky application was initially launched by London-based charity Hestia in 2016. The main aim of the app is to reduce the number of people a person experiencing domestic abuse speaks to before accessing support. The app is intended to be useful to those who are experiencing abuse and those that may be concerned about someone that they know.

Development of the App

In 2017, Hestia partnered with TecSOS (supported by Thames Valley Partnership and the Vodafone Foundation) to expand and redesign their app. Additional funding coming from the Home Office and Comic Relief. The latest version is intended for use by specialist and non-specialist practitioners and anyone who is looking for information about issues around domestic abuse such as online safety, stalking and harassment and sexual consent.

Features of the App

The app includes features that are designed to:

  • Offer support to those experiencing domestic abuse, as well as offering guidance for those wanting to help others. 
  • Signpost users to support services local to them. 
  • Allow users to log incidents of abuse in multiple formats such as text, audio, video or photo. As this information is not stored on the mobile device, photos will not appear in the phone’s camera roll. 

Vodafone Foundation 

The development of the app has been supported by the Vodafone Foundation. That’s the same team responsible for launching the TecSOS project, which supports those experiencing domestic abuse through specially adapted technology. TecSOS has been used by over 70% of UK police forces, with over 60,000 users benefitting to date.

Digital technology can be put to good use: recording incidents of domestic abuse, spreading information about how and where to find appropriate help, and reporting crimes to the authorities. Innovations like Bright Sky and TecSOS are helping to change people’s lives for the better and it is vital that projects like these continue to gain funding and support.

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